👑Trabladzer™ Apus Ion Therapeutic Lympunclog Titanium Wristband Pro
$39.99 $55.99
Your wrists are constantly strained from daily tasks and activities. The Ultra Strength Magnetic Bracelet provides powerful magnetic therapy and comfort right where you need it most. This magnetic therapy bracelet works for you all day and features a timeless design that no one will suspect is therapeutic - we wanted to ensure you’d look as good as you’ll feel!
👑Trabladzer™ Blood Suar TitanION Wristband
From $39.99 $55.99
Revolutionize Your Blood Sugar Management with Trabladzer™– A Natural Solution That Works! Wear this ionic wristband,You'll find your blood sugar is under 100mg/dL!

Here’s How It Works

Titaniumion therapy help disperse toxins by helping to remove waste from the bloodstream more quickly and promote relaxation by reducing pain and discomfort from any inflammation.

This therapy was founded in the 1970s by Michael Roy Davis, Ph.D., who studied the different effects that positive and negative charges have on human biology. It helps to decrease pain in the joints by removing lactic acid from these areas faster. TitaniumION therapy uses different kinds of magnets on the body to help boost your overall health.

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